Weirdness… weirdness, weirdness, weirdness.

Its a good thing right? I mean who wants to be normal anyways. To be honest i dont even know what normal is… seriously i have no clue. Everybody is a little bit odd but with me i seem too have went overboard with my oddness, hey i cant help it. Weird? hm… am i really weird or am i normal. Who knows, i dont really know what either of them truly mean. Yes i know wierd means out of the ordinary but what is ordinary. I have no clue. People are strange, and things are always changing so what used to be normal is now weird, it is all awfully confusing to me. I seem to have a wild fascination with everything so nothing really ever seems ‘weird’ to me. 

This probably makes no sense… hm. ohwell XD 



Giggling fits

Those days when youre quite sad and then all of a sudden…. BOOM! A giggling fit appears. Is that only me? Probably so. Just laugh and laugh and laugh. Sometimes at nothing and sometimes at a joke that i remember from like a year ago. Maybe this is why people think im insane… maybe i am insane. O_O 

youll never know! okay so the thing i was dying at today, was just a couple of sentences in trapdoor. You know that really old clay cLartoon thing? yeah that.

“one, two, three, four…. forgot the rest…. twelve! Oh, i love a bit of bonking in the morning.”

okay okay… i may or may not be laughing right now. mwhehehe, dont say im childish… ofcoarse i am, im a child after all




The girlfriends parents

Okay today i am going to talk about ‘The girlfriends parents’. You may or may not already know that im gay (and proud ohohoho :3) and i have a girlfriend. Obviously since im only in year 9 its kinda hard being a different sexuality from practically 99% of the rest of school or at least that what it appears to be at this moment and time. So ive been going out with this beautiful girl for the past 6 months now. I know you might say im confused about my sexuality or i wouldn’t know since im just thirteen years old but to be honest im pretty sure. Others may say i dont know what love is because of my age, but once again i think i have a pretty good idea going on here in this head of mine. Anyways before i get any more off topic, i should probably just explain what the titles all about. Her parents despise me. Yeah i know that seems like a strong word but it really is true. Of coarse im out to my parents and they took extremely well… so well actually that there response was ‘ill book a day off work to take you to gay pride’. Although it doesnt seem like her parents took it as well about the news.  Shes no longer allowed to see me outside of school or talk to me for that matter. Seriously she texted me and she got grounded, then got her phone took off her. I think she may have it back now but just without her simcard so she cant text anyone. Ive constantly asked her to ask her parents why she isnt allowed to see me. They came up with alot of excuses such as: ‘im a bad influence.’ Which i dont really see in myself and im not trying to sound vein here i just dont think of myself as a bad influence because: i have never smoked , i dont do any drugs, or even drink and i dont want too. To be honest ive never thought of doing any of them things and one things for sure im certainly not one for fights or insulting people even if they do so to me. Yes they have finally came out with the truth so far, its that they think ive turned there daughter gay. I know im just so gorgeous i can turn any straight girl gay… ahaha im joking!! XD In reality though i think all of this is ridiculous, youve got to let your child have freedom too a certain extent and just accept them for who they are straight or not. Well this post was really just to raise awareness that there is still alot of homophobes around and i know there will be for a long time but hopefully through fighting (and by that i mean the peaceful sort) soon enough we will accept people for just who they are. Be yourself and stay lovely!

The universe

okay so ive had a obsession with the universe and the moon for as long as i can remember. It really just fascinates me, yeah maybe i am a bit of a nerd but i really cant help it. Its just so beautiful. I remember when i was younger i used to cry if i wasn’t allowed to go see the moon outside… i was a weird child. Also as other kids were watching the Disney channel id be watching Brian cox. Like i said a weird child and even though some years have passed i still have the same old obsession. Well maybe the brian cox obsession has gotten a bit greater than before but its all the same. I remember every bonfire night i wasnt really  looking at the fireworks but the stars above me. Its like they had enchanted me. Night time will always be my favorite time of day i guess and rightly so. No matter how old i am… ill still go to the window everynight to check if the moon is there. Be yourself and stay lovely!

Girlyfriend of beautifulness

okay so i may just be head over heals in love with this girl…. I know, i know im a kid i dont know what love is blady blahdy blaaaaah.  Just let me be happy without getting ranting at. Anyways shes so cute and beautiful and gaaaaaaaaaaaaah *dead*. I want to say things but my mind is just blown and i cant think of anything to say. Im too shy around her… even when im writing this its like im being shy. The problem is my face goes funny around her and then she laughs and it goes worse and its not good. Then my heart goes funny and things. Oh my im so sorry person whos reading this you probably cant understand a thing im saying. I think ive been going out with her for 6 months now? Aaaaah im so happy. Just shes perfect and everything ever in the universe. but then when she leaves im like ‘noooo miiiine!!!!’ but ofcoarse i dont say that outloud its more like. ‘aw okay bye’ then in my head: ‘MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!’ Basically shes beautiful and even if i get the whole ‘lesbian!’ yelled across the school yard at me thats okay :3 because i love her… okay soooo be youself and keep being lovely goodbye! Image